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Freedom Trucker Rally Australia 2022

What Copycat Freedom Trucker Rallies in Australia Tell Us

To understand whats going on here at home, we first look overseas to another country that shares our Queen where protests against vaccine mandates have brought parts of Canada to a standstill in recent weeks. Convoys of lorries have been driven into the capital Ottawa, a reaction initially sparked by a Canadian mandate requiring vaccination or quarantine for drivers crossing the border from the United States.

Now we are told similarly minded people have taken to the roads in Australia, France, and New Zealand. Scenes of frustration have been flashed all over the news in the New Zealand capital Wellington, where the Convoy 2022 NZ protest has featured Canadian flags authorities dispersed the crowds from the lawns of their parliament. Even the United States appear set to have their own “trucker convoy” from Cali to DC, with 500K 18 wheelers plus cars and campers.

But we ask dear readers, does any of this really matter? Are real truckers really leaving their families, and footing the costs of fuel to drive their big rigs across the country to honk their horns, and shout “freedom”? Are any truckers really ready to be charged with ‘domestic terrorism’ or targeted as terrorists by a woke government?

Elon Musk Twitter

Elon Musk’s Jan 28, 2022 Tweet sounds supportive until you take a step back to see what is at stake here… It’s no secret we are talking about a guy who just announced a huge project involving and autonomous driver led fleet of trucks. The question being asked, is why would you support truckers? It has has been alleged this is all a big setup, and one that could see regular every day truckers being the hardest hit. 

Questions now arise, are the protests being used as an opportunity to import cheap labor in places like Canada? Are these rallies ultimately going to end with hard working truckers being used as a scape goat for “where’s my stuff, bro”? 

It has been alleged these convoys are doing very little by way of making headway into any positive change. So long as we remain so dependent on the systems in place, the concept of “waking people up” can do very little. So too will the notion of “finally someone is doing something”, be doomed to fail? Preying on the gullible and breaking systems for further conquest seems to be the order of the day. 

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