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News from the Food World


The Technology of Airline Food

The Evolution of Airline Food: From Mystery Meat to Culinary Innovation Airline food has long been the subject of jokes and complaints among travellers, but in recent years, there has…

How Flooding Affects Australia’s Freight Network

Australia, a vast and geographically diverse continent, is no stranger to the impacts of natural disasters, as we’re seeing in Far North Queensland presently. Among the various challenges posed by…

Buy in Bulk this Christmas

As the festive season approaches in Australia, the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations is in full swing. One savvy way to streamline your Christmas shopping and make the most…

ACIT Little Shop wins Business Award!

Our Little Shop, with its specialty Italian food you can’t get anywhere else locally, and it’s warm and friendly team of Frank, Kim and Simone, are the winners in this…

The Vital Role of Refrigerated Trucking in Australia

Refrigerated trucking plays a pivotal role in the Australian economy, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of perishable goods across vast distances. With a landmass spanning more than 7.6 million…

Olive Oil Pricing up 117% in 12 Months

The Olive Oil Boom: Unraveling the 117% Surge and its Collective Market Impact In the ever-evolving landscape of global markets, the last year has seen an unexpected and significant surge…