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Gardening Improves Emotional Wellbeing Equal to Physical Exercise

Well folks, it is now official, gardening is ‘good for the soul’: Digging, weeding and planting improve happiness and ’emotional wellbeing’ as much as physical exercise or eating out. This, according to all of us who already garden and know this, and now by scientific study!

A new study by Princeton University researchers found getting outdoors and gardening was improves emotional wellbeing on a level likened to physical exercise. While running or sports “may” provide more physical exertions, gardening works better as an emotional pick-me-up than most other activities. The research team say it becomes even more beneficial for those who grow their own vegetables than those who have manicured ornamental gardens.

As we noted in our Aussies Return to Victory Gardens article, it’s time for all of us to get back to gardening. The finding that vegetable gardening helps emotional wellbeing could be significant if used to encourage those with small gardens to grow food rather than flowers, especially as a way of sustaining densely populated areas, according to researchers. The authors found gardening was good for improving happiness whether it was by people on their own or with relatives or in groups. Those who regularly tended to gardens were likely to spend more time doing so than those who took part in other activities, the authors found.

Put on your white lab coat, the facts are in:

  • Volunteers reported on their emotional wellbeing while doing different activities
  • The Princeton University study had people cycle, eat out, walk and do gardening
  • They found gardening for vegetables is more beneficial than planting flowers

Have you started your home garden yet? Do you know where know where community garden is located?

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