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How King Corn Became the Worlds Most Important Crop

You know by now, that staple foods are those that constitute the majority of a particular diet, and supply virtually all or most of the total intake of energy and nutrients. To make this list means people usually consume these foods daily or multiple times a day. Over 50,000 plants are edible, but very few of them make any significant contribution to the human food supply, let alone land at the top spot as the most important crop in the world, so without further delay let’s get the rundown on king corn

Corn is the most produced grain in the world, because it’s a staple food for the huge majority of parts of the planet. Fo example, sub-Saharan Africa, and that’s not all. Corn is a great source of carbohydrates, protein, iron, vitamin B, and lots of minerals. Plus, and this is a big plus, it is being used more and more for ethanol.

Corn Origin Story

Indigenous populations in present-day Mexico first domesticated corn around 10,000 years ago. Its long history there explains why it continues to be a staple food today. Nearly every typical Mexican dish revolves around corn in some way, and it is the main ingredient in maize tortillas, for example.

The Everywhere King

With international trade, corn has been spread throughout the world and now makes up a major source of food in Africa, Europe, and the US. People boil and eat it whole, dry and pulverize it to make flour, and cook it in sweetened milk for dessert. It can be processed for other uses that include as ingredients in sweeteners (corn syrup), alcohol (whiskey), and cooking oil. Worldwide, humans get 19.5% of their calorie intake from corn.

This author is quite fond of cornbread and popcorn, and we would to know how you enjoy your corn?

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