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On the Spot Food Processing Idea

Today we look at the mobile WEK Project, promising on-the-spot food processing. Designed with food canning and preserving in mind, this setup claims to make it possible to go from vine (or tree) to kitchen in a cinch.

So, what is it? We found this 2 minute Youtube clip to be the best way to explain it. What you have is a cleverly designed modular setup that includes all the necessities –For cleaning, peeling, prepping and persevering from start to finish. Yes, it even includes multiple prep surfaces, sink, waste holder, pump system and crated shelving.

The Build
It’s built around a lightweight metal and wood frame that is mounted on wheels. This is claimed to make it easy to cart around any orchard, garden, paddock, or backyard so you can preserve on the spot rather than lug around heavy crop containers. See it in action!

Is there a market for this kind of idea? Talk about selling fresh, you could jar / can / sell in real time to waiting customers…

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