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A Simple Way to Travel to Your Own Zen Food Garden

The amount of creativity that comes out of spending more time at home free from the cares of traveling to work everyday has been nothing short of remarkable. Meet Japanese designer Manami Sasaki and her food Zen Garden. What do you need to participate? A fork and knife.

sasamana food artWhile many of us slather our toast with butter, jams and vegemite day-after-day, Manami is transforming thick slices of bread into Japanese zen rock gardens that make breakfast into the most jubilant meal of the day. A watercolour artist turned toast connoisseur, the Japanese designer combines the stocks available in her fridge and pantry to assemble delightful bread-based creations.

In a patch of flowers, she adorns a tomato-sauce base with margarine petals and mint leaves that are finished with mustard details. Another dense slice is torn and reassembled with edible gold before being smothered in sour cream and garnished with ketchup to resemble Kintsugi, the Japanese art of pottery repair.

To see the full gallery of images in Sasaki’s thoughful series of creative food nourishments, check out her Instagram. Is this the answer to traveling to a garden during travel bans?

Link to original story, from the amazing This is Colossal

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