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Most Valuable Fruit Series: Square Watermelon

By now based on our most valuable fruit series it has become apparent that it is in Japan, where the most costly fruit is produced. Fruit can be coaxed to grow in all sorts of weird shapes and today’s feature fruit is one for the ages, the brilliantly produced Square Watermelons!

square watermelon japanThe fruit is grown in tempered-glass cases that force them to take on their unique shape, with exactly the same interior as a regular watermelon. It is the square shape that makes this fruit the subject of interest and is why people are willing to import them and pay up to $800 for one watermelon and over $100 in Tokyo.  It is claimed, and we see it as an added bonus, added that perfect square watermelons, are easier to pack and ship.  Perhaps it is this reasons that the Square Watermelon can be found in Japanese grocery stores in Tokyo and Osaka. 

As of this posting not currently available in the USA. Before 2014, Japan did not export these watermelons outside the world. In 2014 these unique watermelons were first exported to the outside the world and it’s their high price that is another distinguishing feature. They grow in the square mould, which turns these watermelons into a square shape. It been claimed to be very hard to replicate, these watermelons weigh over 13 pounds each.

Who Invented the Square Melon?

Japanese designers and engineers have earned a reputation for improving products invented by others, allowing them to become saleable, desirable and popular.Farmers in Zentsuji, located in southern Japan, place the small on-the-vine watermelons in tempered glass forms that force the growing melons to conform to their shape while still receiving necessary sunlight. Only about 400 of the four-sided fruits are grown each season.

Would you spend $800 dollars on a watermelon? What about a square watermelon?

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