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Most Valuable Fruit Series: Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

In Japan, there is a cultural tradition of giving mid-year (July) and end-of-year (December) gifts to those to whom you are indebted. Food is often selected as gifts, to understand why you need to look back to one aspect of Japanese history that has been passed down from ancient times. This is about how Japanese people traditionally care about the person to whom they feel grateful as well as the origin of the sense of hospitality that exists today.

Meet one of the most valuable fruits in the world, Sembikiya Queen Strawberries. Incredibly sweet, red all the way through, with a perfectly shaped leaf at the top. These fruits can only be enjoyed in Japan and are sold for a limited time only.

The Sembikiya Queen Strawberries (aka Nyohou Strawberries) are named after a venerable fruit shop in Tokyo. Established in 1834, Sembikiya is Japan’s oldest fruit shop. It currently operates 14 stores, many of them concentrated in the Tokyo area. Available in boxes of 12, each pack of strawberries sells for approximately $85. Hand selected, each fruit is strikingly similar in that they are all similar shape, crimson red and shiny as gems.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries
Hand selected, each fruit is strikingly similar in that they are all red, with a perfectly shaped leaf at the top. Not only that, but its pure wide seeds can be clearly seen through the skin. Incredibly sweet—more so than your average strawberry, these fruits can only be enjoyed in Japan.


Sembikiya Queen Strawberry

Elevated Cultivation?

Elevated cultivation means the fruits do not come into contact with the soil. Since this condition is preferable from a hygienic standpoint and creates fewer shaded areas, fruits grown with this method are evenly colored and glossy. 

Japanese producers have a system in place where the strawberries automatically receive fertilisers and water according to the amount of solar radiation, which allows them to thrive in a non-stressful environment.

What do you prefer strawberries or finger limes?

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