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3D Printed pasta

3D Printed Pasta & It’s Wonderful

Even though we’re deep into the future,  in reality, 3D printed food is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before seeing a broader adoption from professionals and consumers. However, this doesn’t stop us from marveling at these fascinating machines and their intriguing edible designs.

In today’s story we feature Chef David Rivillo who has totally diverged from making the standard box of spaghetti or penne stocked on most supermarket shelves. The self-proclaimed ‘pasta enthusiast’, fashions bowties and tortellini with vibrant stripes and heaps of checkered fettuccine that are more evocative of textiles or stained glass than saucy dishes. 

3D Printed Food
Printing Food
"Adding some flair to his handmade fare..."

Behind each printed dough is a study into the best ingredients for structure and colour, in addition to an understanding of the chemical relationship between the two that ensures each design retains its pattern throughout the cooking process. This is unique custom made pasta art at it finest!

Foodies rejoice! You can get more Chef David on his social media platforms, where he has amassed significant followings on both Instagram and TikTok

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