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Giuseppe Worlds Fair

Giusti Vinegar at The World Fairs

The secret of balsamic has always been hidden in the wood of the ancient casks where it ages. It takes decades, if not centuries, for wood and grape must to become the black gold of Modena. The Giusti family owns over 600 casks dating back to the 1700s and 1800s, from which the purest extractions are obtained, responsible for the unmistakable Giusti aroma.

Created in homage to the historical participation of the Giusti family in five of the late 19th century International Fairs: Vienna 1873, Paris 1889, Antwerp 1894, Brussels 1897, and Paris 1900. In each of these occasions, Giusti balsamic vinegars were awarded gold medals, displayed together today, along with other awards, on the historical Giusti label. Five special bottles, containing a precious selection of balsamic vinegars, extracted from the finest family casks from that same era. Each of the five labels are the original banners of the respective International Fairs, created in the liberty style of that era.

Did you know? The Giusti Museum offers an extraordinary journey through a priceless collection of objects and documents preserved for generations: from the ancient jars used for conservation, to the tools used over the centuries by vinegar makers, up to the first bottles and advertising leaflets of the early twentieth century. Among the most precious memorabilia are centuries-old casks, such as the “A3” cask with which, on the occasion of the Italian Exposition organized by the Savoy Royal family in Florence, 1861, Giuseppe Giusti was awarded with a gold medal for a “90-year-old balsamic vinegar”. Through documents and ancient objects of the trade, the Museum traces the history of Modena balsamic vinegar and its connection with the Giusti family.

You can learn more about the museum and history here:

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