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cheese cutting techniques

Cheese 101: Cutting Techniques

Dear readers, as we continue sharing with you our love of cheese, an important question has arisen — Have you been cutting your cheese wrong? *Experts know the correct way to slice up cheese blocks in order to get the best taste and equal portions. Yes, it matters! 

You should slice up your cheeses differently depending on its texture and shape. Hard cheeses such as Red Leicester should be cut lengthways into rectangles. And so on and so forth we go in this quick cheese 101 article. Let get slicing!

Techniques for Cheese Cutting:

Round Cheese

Round cheeses like brie and camembert should be quartered, and halved again – rather than cut into long, thin slices.

Hard Rectangular Cheese

Meanwhile, hard cheeses such as cheddar and Red Leicester should be cut length-ways into rectangular blocks -or- cubes.

Triangular Cheese

Cheeses that come in a triangular shape, including stilton, should be cut into rectangular slices. Experts say that this is best achieved by cutting off the pointed end of the block, before cutting down the block length ways.

Flat Top Pyramid Cheese

Goats’ cheeses that are shaped like a pyramid are difficult to cut due to their awkward shape. The best way to cut these blocks is to slice diagonally from the centre outwards.

TLDR: Method Slicing Cheese Wedges

1. Use a sharp knife to cut smaller wedges if you have wheels or pyramids.

2. Cut off the wax rind from your semi-soft wedge before you eat it.

3. Make your cuts along the long edge if you are slicing soft wedges.

Expert Source: *Good Housekeeping Institute

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