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Buy Truffle Honey Australia

Truffle Honey in Australia

Truffle honey (miele al tartufo) was originally a specialty product of Piedmont in northern Italy, where the famed white truffles flourished.

Infused with the delicious flavour of those much-coveted funghi, truffle honey boasts a sweet and earthy fragrance and a light amber colour. Depending on the recipe or honey used in the creation of truffle honey, traces of nut and garlic flavours may also emerge. The resulting colour may also depend on the type of truffle, black or white, used to infuse the honey.


Buying Truffle Honey in Australia

Did you know you can purchase “homemade” truffle infused honey, right here in Australia. This honey boasts black truffle flavours, which are infused into premium amber-coloured West Australian honey to create a beautiful, sweet truffle indulgence. Great Southern Truffles gourmet products have been produced using only the very best ingredients, to compliment and enhance a wide range of dishes and provide you with a truly ‘Gourmet Everyday’ experience — Available right now in ACIT’s The Little Shop.


Did You Know?

Truffle honey serves many decadent purposes, and is most often paired with cheeses, salty meats and crispy breads. Some choose to drizzle truffle honey over ice-cream, fruits and other desserts, while many choose to use it in a marinade to baste game birds. Once opened, truffle honey should be kept in a cool, dark place – but it is a good idea to make use of your stash as soon as possible, as the fragrance will diminish over time. The strength of the truffles’ aroma will often vary depending on the type of tree it has grown alongside.

You can enjoy this viscous treat spread over fish, make like the Italians do and end your meal with some truffle honey drizzled atop aged cheese and figs, pour it over some grilled asparagus and olive oil, or try a crostini topped with ricotta, truffle honey and smoked salts.

Things to do with Truffle Honey:

* Put smoked salmon, greek yoghurt, and truffle honey on a bagel (bread of choice)

* As a glaze for a pheasant, pigeon or chicken breast, mixed with chopped thyme and grinds of Indonesian long pepper

* With ricotta and prosciutto on grilled ciabatta

* With whisky and walnut oil as a marinade for steak or other grilled meat

* Bake a brie in the oven for about twenty minutes and then drizzle the honey on top, serve with smoked almonds and warm crusty bread

* Over seared scallops – perhaps also with some lime or lemon juice

* With ricotta as an elegant pudding

* With burrata, pesto and tomato

* Drizzle over thin slices of fried, breaded and spiced aubergine

* Pro Tip: Truffle honey seems to work well with many sheeps’ cheeses

* Saucy dressings’, for example over ‘a cheeky, youthful Parmesan’

* Over a cheese boureka (a middle eastern pie)…

* Put some taleggio in an oven-proof dish. Season. Add a sprig of thyme. Drizzle over truffle honey. Bake for 10 minutes in a hot oven. Serve with crusty bread.

Ready to Try / Buy Truffle Honey?
You can find truffle honey in many well-stocked grocers and delis, including The Little Shop. If you’ve got some truffles on hand, you can also try making your own truffle honey.Visit our Little Store in Brisbane, in person, or to discuss wholesale orders simply give us a call. Have you tried a honey like this before? Let us know in the comments…

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