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United Airlines Impossible Plant Meat Flights

United Airlines just recently announced a new partnership with Impossible Foods, which means that travellers can now experiment with their plant-based foods on flights. This experiment isn’t for everyone, the Airline says it has added Impossible Meatball bowls to first-class menus on all domestic flights, covering more than 800 miles in the continental United States. 

Just what are they, and what makes them so impossible? They are alleged to be “plant-based and without modification.” Some travellers were confused by this assertion, and it’s association with the word ‘impossible’, the company states that the new bowls feature meatballs which are a blend of (meatless) beef and (meatless) sausage and broccolini served on a bed of couscous and topped with an herb-infused tomato sauce.

In addition to food offerings in the skies, the airline will also be serving meatless sausage at its airport lounges in four cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newark, and Houston. It is hoped this will be great news for vegetarians and even pleasing choosy vegans who often have limited options when it comes to airplane food. But is it also good news for anyone who doesn’t want to eat meat for environmental reasons? United Airlines is the first US airline to partner with Impossible Foods, and its partnership is based on the company’s goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 2025.