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Sustainable Food Packaging AWSM

Rethinking Food Packaging to Reduce Plastics – is it AWSM?

Anyone who has ever tried to open a package of food with a pair of scissors knows the frustration of dealing with modern packaging. It seems like every product is wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, aluminum, and cardboard, making it nearly impossible to get to the actual food without resorting to violence. And once you finally do manage to open the package, you’re left with a pile of garbage that’s nearly impossible to recycle. It’s no wonder that many people are rethinking their approach to food packaging.

There are a number of ways to make packaging more sustainable. One is to use materials that can be easily recycled or composted. Another is to use less material in the first place. And finally, there’s the option of using packaging that can actually be reused or repurposed. By thinking creatively about packaging, we can make a big impact on the amount of waste we generate each year. So next time you’re reaching for a pair of scissors, take a moment to consider the sustainability of your food packaging.

What is “AWSM”? The company’s name is an acronym for “avoid waste and season meaningfully,” with a mission to “sauce responsibly”. The company also claims to have successfully “revolutionised” the food industry while cutting down on cumbersome kitchen clutter. Just how will they do this you ask? Awsm sauce tell us that by purchasing their sauce powder packets and replacing those single-use plastics in your fridge, you reduce the amount of plastic used per sauce bottle by 95%. Further, they claim that companies spend millions of dollars to transport water from place to place so they can make sauces and condiments. The trucks and ships used to do this pollute the environment – their powder packets cut out this step.