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Innovative Sticker Promises to Double Fruit Life

It has been claimed that in the U.S. alone, from farm to fridge, 52% of fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste. That’s an annual loss of a huge amount of food, in the tens of billions of dollars. Meet the StixFresh solution, promising an all-natural way to safely and easily extend the shelf life of fruit by up to 14 days. What we are talking about here is increasing your fruit’s shelf life to be extended by 2 to 4 times longer.

Origin Story:

In a rural community an hour south of Kuala Lumpur a young inventor developed a passion for finding natural solutions to problems faced by friends and neighbours. A friend owned a tropical fruit stand and was frustrated with the amount of product he would lose to spoilage. This is where the idea to find a solution that was simple and non-invasive was born.

We know that almost every commercially sold fruit already has a sticker on it right? Why not use the sticker to deliver a fresh solution. This way, no extra step is required for a large capital investment to be implemented. Simply improve what currently exists… After hundreds of iterations and tests, a formula payed off and StixFresh was born.

How Does it Work?

• Easily peel and place the stickers on apples, pears, avocados, dragon fruits, kiwis, mangos, oranges and other citrus fruits to help keep them firm, sweet and juicy.

• The stickers have all-natural coating, made up of specially sourced wax and other natural ingredients, creates a protective layer around your fruit.

• Through countless comparative tests, StixFresh stickers has proven to deliver absolutely incredible results – Fresh fruit longer without chemicals.

• The materials used in the stickers are 100% natural.

• They can be applied anywhere along the post-harvest process — packaging, shipping, distribution, retail, and even in your own kitchen.

What does this mean for you the consumer? This is an attempt to commercialise groundbreaking and innovative technologies that will significantly reduce waste via all-natural and safe methods. That not the only promise this new tech claims to offer… The studies mentioned above, showed that fruits treated with the StixFresh sticker had increased sweetness, higher retention of moisture, as well as sustained cellular structure resulting in increased firmness.

Would you try out this sticker on your fruits?

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