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giving a xxxx about the planet with a graphic of the sun and a glass of beer

Giving a XXXX about the planet

XXXX Brewery is brewing up a storm with its latest announcement to use 100% renewable electricity at its Milton brewery.

Thanks to the Power Purchase Agreement signed by the brewery, the Woolooga Solar Farm will power the production of their famous brews. The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan has given businesses the confidence to invest in decarbonisation, and Lion, the owner of XXXX Brewery, has reached its target of 100% renewable electricity two years ahead of schedule. It’s no surprise that Lion is now Australia’s first large-scale carbon-neutral brewer!

In 2020, Lion became Australia’s first certified large-scale carbon-neutral brewer, and now all of its beer produced at the 144-year-old XXXX brewery – up to 250 million litres annually – will be brewed using 100% renewable electricity. This achievement will reduce carbon emissions by around 138,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to taking 45,000 cars off the road. It seems that XXXX is not just giving a XXXX about the planet, but also giving a XXXX about beer!

Lion sustainability director, Justin Merrell, praised the iconic brewery for its ability to move with the times while retaining its status as one of Brisbane’s most historic landmarks.

Queensland’s deputy premier, Steven Miles, highlighted the increasing number of companies looking to decarbonize their operations and provide low-emission products to consumers. It looks like Lion is going above and beyond to cater to the demands of climate-conscious consumers, making XXXX the beer of choice for those who want to enjoy their beer without compromising the planet.

As Minister for energy, renewables and hydrogen Mick de Brenni said, XXXX Brewery is proudly brewing solar-powered beers that will satisfy the emissions and climate-conscious consumers. With Lion leading the way, it’s clear that other businesses can also follow the trend and invest in climate solutions. This move demonstrates that going green isn’t just good for the environment – it’s great for beer!