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Farming Adapts to the Times with ‘Plant Masks’

Farming Plant Mast

In times like these both farms and the foods they grow are certainly evolving. One of the most innovative game changers over the past 2 years for people planting market gardens has been the use of the caterpillar tunnel, or ‘plant masks’ as they have recently been likened by some. A plant mask works just like a face mask, in that it can be easily removed, moved and reapplied depending on the circumstances. There are of course some exceptions, instead of restricting the breathing of plants and creating hazardous carbon monoxide levels, they encourage healthy fresh air flows and also protect the plant underneath from hazards.

Why Put a Mask Over Your Plants?

One word – Control. Whether is snow, hail or rain, the best bet for keeping your plants safe all growing season is masked. Imagine the seed germination rates you can achieve during the rainy season, or even in a freak weather anomaly, farmers rest easily knowing their precious crops are protected. Putting a mask on your plants will provide excel­lent air­flow for prop­er ven­ti­la­tion and pro­tec­tion from rain and light snow.

The Farmer’s Friend Cater­pil­lar Tun­nel (shown in the image above) can easily cover 3 rows of plants with 42cm (18in) walkways between them. Narrow those pathways and you could fit a fourth row. Clas­sic tun­nels fea­ture a round­ed, quon­set design that is wind resis­tant, only needing around 2 – 3 hours for assem­bly time. Usually built with chain-link fence top rail, the supporting posts on the side of the tunnel connect to the supporting wall, making them extremely durable in high wind scenarios. Heavy duty zip open doors make for easy entry and allow you the control the size of entry.

The newer innovative tunnel kit’s like the ones we are discussing here brings the ben­e­fits of green­house pro­duc­tion to the mass­es in an easy-to-assem­ble and afford­able pack­age (the ones shown here start at $825). No bend­ing hoops or shop­ping for ran­dom parts, quick to build and move, we can see you smiling already.

Have you ever considered a plant mask? Maybe you are using one right now, let us know…