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What’s DIFOT and why is it important?

The Critical Significance of DIFOT in Cold Logistics

In the world of logistics, precision and timing are paramount. This is especially true in the cold logistics industry, where the efficient and timely delivery of temperature-sensitive goods can mean the difference between fresh, high-quality products and costly spoilage. DIFOT, or Delivery In Full On Time, is a key performance indicator that holds exceptional importance in this sector.

DIFOT measures a company’s ability to meet delivery deadlines and deliver orders complete and undamaged. In the cold logistics industry, these deadlines are often particularly tight, as products like fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and frozen foods have limited shelf lives. Here’s why DIFOT is of critical importance:

1. Product Integrity: Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products is the primary concern in cold logistics. Any delay or incomplete delivery can compromise the quality and safety of these products. For instance, a shipment of fresh seafood that arrives late or with missing items may result in spoiled goods, leading to financial losses and potential health risks.

2. Customer Satisfaction: Meeting delivery deadlines is fundamental to customer satisfaction. Cold logistics providers that consistently achieve DIFOT targets are more likely to retain and attract clients. Customers rely on timely deliveries to maintain their own production schedules and ensure product availability for consumers.

3. Cost Efficiency: Incomplete or delayed deliveries can result in extra costs for both logistics providers and their clients. Clients may incur additional expenses to source replacement products or manage production delays. For logistics providers, failed DIFOT can lead to reputational damage and potential financial penalties.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Many temperature-sensitive products are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Failing to meet delivery deadlines or delivering incomplete orders can result in non-compliance, leading to legal consequences and damaged relationships with regulatory authorities.

5. Competitive Advantage: Cold logistics providers that consistently achieve DIFOT gain a competitive edge in the market. Reliability and efficiency are highly valued by clients who depend on these services to maintain their own businesses.

6. Inventory Management: Timely deliveries help clients manage their inventory effectively. Delays can disrupt inventory levels, leading to overstocking or understocking issues. Consistent DIFOT performance ensures that clients can plan their inventory management more accurately.

At ACIT we excel in cold logistics and boast a 99.68% DIFOT rating. 

By prioritizing DIFOT, we can enhance product quality, customer satisfaction, and their own competitive position in this vital industry.

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