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Boom Times for Local Food Delivery Services

Tired of hearing only the downsides to the COVID-19 pandemic? While recent times have brought many businesses to their knees, for others it has been a silver lining with positive flow on effects to other local retailers.

Looking at the restaurant industries turn to takeaway and delivered meals, has meant boom times for food delivery services Australia. With this growth it has created many jobs for new delivery drivers. According to The Courier News, local delivery services like Delivr have grown from around 25 drivers four weeks ago to almost 70 this week, while Menulog have employed almost 50 per cent more drivers in the past month.

There are other new-comers like Help Local, whose message of “Times are tough, so let’s pull together and make it through with some delicious food” has resonated to the tune of 635 locals having joined so far.

Times are tough, so let’s pull together and make it through with some delicious food.

Delivr founder Alex Power is reported to be on the verge of launching a new service giving local pubs, restaurants, cafes and other eateries a quick and easy platform for online ordering as many have made the rapid switch from dine-in only to takeaway and delivered meals. “The past four weeks has been absolute madness,” Mr Power said. “We’ve had a 202 per cent increase in the gross volume of sales, and the number of delivery transactions has gone up 160 per cent,” he said.

Menulog has also seen an 80 per cent increase in delivery orders. To help support businesses who use the service, Delivr has also dropped its commission on pick-up orders to zero. The advice for restaurants during this unprecedented time is very simple, if you have a proper online menu with photos and easy ordering, people will order more.

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