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Aeroplate, the World’s Only Airline Food Review Platform, Goes Live

Aeroplate is a stand alone survey platform specifically built to review airline food, anywhere in the world. The information gathered is analysed and made available to airlines around the world in an attempt to enhance the on board eating experience for all.

The app is built around a quick one minute survey experience with yes or no answers to produce definitive customer satisfaction data. Aeroplate offers users the chance to review food on the world’s top 100 airlines. Users are quizzed on a variety of aspects ranging from taste, to presentation, temperature, service and the overall on board experience. The app is built with two things in mind: Integrity of data and a playful user experience. Aeroplate makes use of emojis, stickers, and customisable photography in an effort to make data collection as enjoyable as posting food pics to Snapchat and Instagram.

Preliminary data from the Aeroplate Beta Website allowed Aeroplate CEO Frank Casamento to touch base with Australian based airlines to discuss the validity of the numbers collected. Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tiger Air representatives are expressing solid interest in the data collated.

‘In this day, we want to have an opinion on things, we want to do that quickly, and we want to have fun in the process. This is the essence of the Aeroplate user experience’ says Kais Al Kaissi (Brand Management), while Steven Vawdrey (Strategy) describes the project as: ‘We’re now securing data that has never been collected before. Aeroplate as a third party review platform gives true and unbiased insight into the airline food industry.’.

In 2014, IATA stated that on average, more than 8,000,000 people fly every day. With such numbers of potential users, Aeroplate offers exciting data collation prospects from day one.

‘We found a massive gap in this market, and Aeroplate will work closely with airlines and everyone that flies to ensure that food in the air can only get better!’ says Frank.

Aeroplate is a combination of Frank’s enthusiasm and expertise in the food industry with Steve and Kais’s experience in creating new digital products. Being frequent flyers as well as fairly opinionated people, the Aeroplate team sought out to create a platform that would give them, and the world, a fair say on the airline food they eat so often.

Visit the Aeroplate website to find out more (and submit your inflight food experience)